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How does WireLynx work?

WireLynx Powerline Carrier Systems allow communication of on/off control commands over the existing wiring in a home, building, or an electrical service like an irrigation system.  Electrical loads like lights, fans, air conditioners, space heaters, water heaters, etc, can be controlled without having to run control wire around the building.  Digital on/off commands are transmitted by a radio frequency broadcast on the building’s copper wires.  The amount of time and labor needed to install control systems for regulating energy use is significantly reduced by using WireLynx PLC Systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is WireLynx different than X-10 or A10 technologies?

WireLynx is oriented toward permanently installed applications.  Therefore it is not something that uses wall-outlets.  It is designed to be permanently installed for electrical control applications such as Energy Management Systems, General HVAC or Lighting control.

What makes WireLynx Superior to the others?

WireLynx transmits on/off commands for all 16 channels continuously, unlike X10 or A10 single-command systems, and updates all 16 channels in about a 1/2 second.  Because the transmitter transmits continuously, the receiver software is set up to receive a new command multiple times before acting on it, further enhancing the reliability of the system.

Are WireLynx Systems compatible with X-10 or A-10 Powerline Carrier technologies?

No, not only are they not compatible from the protocol standpoint, but WireLynx' robust transmission method will normally keep other systems from operating.

Can WireLynx receive information even through very noisy electrical environments?

Yes, WireLynx uses a FSK (frequency shift keying) method of encoding and decoding data for robust and reliable communications even in industrial areas where there is a lot of electrical noise on the powerlines.

Will WireLynx' signal go through step-down transformers?

No, a 60Hz step-down transformer in a building that steps down 277/480 to 120/208 is basically a low pass filter.  Therefore, high frequency signals like WireLynx uses cannot go through a transformer.

Do the WireLynx Transmitter and Receiver need to be on the same phase wire?

No, WireLynx Transmitters transmit the powerline carrier signal on all phases so the receiver can pick up the signal on any of the voltages phases.


Product Documentation


PDF Instruction Sheet
ES-1020 Transmitter
ES-1024 Receiver
LX-1000 Series Manual
LX-1010 Transmitter
LX-1022C Receiver
LX-1031 Receiver
LX-400 Series Manual
LX-401 Transmitter
LX-422 Receiver
LX-424 Receiver
LX-431 Receiver
LX-441 Receiver
LX-2299A Adapter